Brummagem: Lost City Found: Parkside Gallery, BCU (Birmingham City University). September 18 to October 27 (extended to November 4), 2017. 

Beneath GHI 1, 2 and 3 is a series of 3 small diaramas that take inspiration from what lies below the Gravelly Hill Interchange or as it is commonly known Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham.

Medium: Paper, Card, Gold Leaf and Perspex.
Dimensions: H: 90mm W: 230mm D: 26mm

Beneath GHI 1

More fantasy than reality. Using a frontal perspective to reimagine the pillars as a rainbow with gold breaking through at the end.

Beneath GHI 2

Vintage marbled endpaper is used to represent the canal that weaves between the pillars.

Beneath GHI 3

Surprisingly there is much greenery and wildlife that survives underneath the interchange. Here the vision is a forest of pillars.

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