New Street Signal Box 2


Brummagem: Lost City Found. Parkside Gallery, BCU (Birmingham City University). 2017. 

Brummagem: Lost City Found. Selected pieces: Mary Ogilvie Gallery,  St Anne’s College, Oxford. 2017. 


Twenty triangular prisms are attached to a back support. Each prism is carefully torn to emulate weathered concrete, which in turn reveals the rainbow beneath.


Paper and card.

Papers Used

Colorplan Paper, 135gsm: Pale Grey, Dark Grey, Real Grey, Ebony, Cool Grey, Smoke, Amethyst, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Emerald, Forest, Factory Yellow, Citrine, Mandarin, Bright Red and Scarlet.
Colorplan Card, 270gsm: Pale Grey.


H: 580mm. W: 495mm. D: 55mm.

Prototype for New Street Signal Box 2.