Concept to Creation

Full twenty years and more passed
Since I left Brummagem.
But I set out for home at last
To good old Brummagem.
But ev’ry place is altered so
Now there’s hardly a place I know
Which fills my heart with grief and woe
For I can’t find Brummagem…

James Dodds (1781-1837)

Brummagem Lost City Found, 2017 a joint exhibition by Andrew Kulman and Sara Kulman offered a personal reflection on the city and its changing landscape over 20 years through a series of prints, paper sculptures, artefacts and photography.

The 1960’s landmarks of Birmingham fascinated Andrew Kulman since he arrived at Birmingham City University 20 years ago. Sara Kulman grew up in and around Birmingham and lived through the city’s different phases before leaving in 1982. In 2016 they relocated to the city centre and used this opportunity to interpret what these buildings and structures meant to them, through their chosen specialisms.

Sara Kulman

Paper has been integral to both Sara’s creative and professional life. She is captivated by the manner with which it can be manipulated, cut and folded.

These pieces aimed to demonstrate how selected structures and spaces of 20th Century Birmingham can be reimagined using paper construction skills. Taking colour, pattern and texture as inspiration, the final artwork reveals a unique and personal observation of the city.

Sara Kulman designed the exhibition layout.

Andrew Kulman

Andrew chose the ‘concrete collar’ of Birmingham’s Inner Ring Road, focusing on the gyratory circuses. These sections of a once dominant motorway are representative of Birmingham’s post-war vision to be a city designed for the future.

New prints were created to depict structures and patterns associated with the city. A range of printmaking techniques provided an opportunity to produce work that is both controlled and unpredictable.

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