E for Explosion


Envelope. Peninsular Arts Gallery (now The Levinsky Gallery), University of Plymouth. February 14 to March 28, 2015.

A Print for the Fallen

A successful collaborative project that brings together individual specialisms to create an elegant and functional artefact.


The folder hints as to the content within. A cleverly designed device, that compliments and enhances, but does not distract from the print.

Red card is inserted inside to allow the text to be read once the folder is opened. The ingenuity of the design means that the cut letter E on the front incorporates into the overall design and becomes an integral element.

Insertion of the print adds the final touch with red, black and white colours working in unison, providing a dynamic combination of type, card engineering and print.



Dimensions (Folded)

H: 155mm. W: 95mm.