Joint Venture: E for Explosion

A Print for the Fallen

A successful collaborative project that brings together individual specialisms to create an elegant and functional artefact.

Andrew Kulman

Andrew Kulman and SaraKulmanPaperPlay join forces

E for Explosion is a collaboration demonstrating husband and wife team work. Andrew produced a series of wood engravings over Summer and asked Sara to design a folder which could contain four small engravings. The theme was explosions,inspired by Vorticist images and Paul Nash’s wood engravings of the Great War. Why explosions? Andrew  suggests that there was irony in taking something almost impossible to depict visually and engraving it in fine lines across small block of Lemon wood. What you achieve is an impression rather than anything that can be called objective.

Sara’s contribution was a series of innovative folders, using the dynamism of shapes and angles to make a visual response in card to the theme of explosion.  What originally started as a folder for four images became a folder for one particular image. The first considerations were centred on materials and colour. Particular…

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Sequencing & Storytelling 

Sequencing & Storytelling using Paper Construction, a workshop for Level 4 students at BCU, Birmingham City University. We looked at examples of paper construction and folding from different sources that included design/publicity, packaging and story books. The objective was to show how different techniques can be used to sequence and create narratives and how by using just…

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