Brummagem: Lost City Found. Parkside Gallery, BCU (Birmingham City University). 2017. 

559., 2017 takes inspiration from Gravelly Hill Interchange, otherwise known as Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham.

New Meets Old

Construction started 1968 and it opened in 1972. It was designed to bring traffic into the heart of Birmingham by linking the M1, M5 and M6 motorways with the Aston Expressway.

To achieve that, Spaghetti Junction’s 559 concrete columns had to be positioned over the existing canal network to enable a traditional horse drawn narrow boat to pass underneath without obstruction.


Constructed from six identical pieces each made up from four layers, the 276 black and grey interweaving columns are reflected in the canal below. The six red central columns, each with gold leaf, link the concrete to the water and when each piece is placed next to each other the final work takes on the appearance of the molecular structure of DNA. Displayed under glass effect perspex to give the experience of viewing through a microscope slide.


Paper and gold leaf.

Papers Used

Colorplan Paper, 135gsm: Pale Grey, Smoke, Ebony and Emerald.
Red paper, source unknown.
Handmade marbled paper, source unknown.


H: 240mm. W: 2035mm.