Smallbrook Queensway


Brummagem: Lost City Found. Parkside Gallery, BCU (Birmingham City University). 2017. 

Soon to be demolished Ringway Centre also known as Smallbrook Queensway was designed by James Roberts in 1962 as the first part of Birmingham’s inner ring road scheme.

Whist famed for its architectural long sweeping curve and brutalist detailing it was a mosaic that embraced the entrance of the shop Fair Deal Music (now relocated), which extended over 3 retail units, that interested me.


Smallbrook Queensway Mosaic, 2017 is an interpretation of a small section of this mosaic. In my version, made up of 9 panels, I chose to make the tiles circles and not small squares, as in the original. A variety of papers, from across the globe were used to replicate both the colours and ageing qualities of the tiles and cement mortar.


Paper and card.

Papers Used

Nepalese mountain paper made from lokta bark fibre.
Handmade Ramie paper made and purchased in India at Nirupama Academy of Handmade Paper.
A selection of coloured papers and card, sources unknown.


H: 645mm. W: 906mm.