Gravelly Hill Interchange


Brummagem: Lost City Found. Parkside Gallery, BCU (Birmingham City University). 2017. 

Brummagem: Lost City Found. Selected pieces: Mary Ogilvie Gallery,  St Anne’s College, Oxford. 2017. 

Gravelly Hill Interchange2017 uses a map of Spaghetti Junction as its starting point. Spaghetti Junction has long generated divided opinions from the public. The country’s worst concrete nightmare, an eyesore and scary are terms frequently used. It does, though, equally have a loyal following with it’s brutalist construction seen as being an important part of Birmingham’s rich heritage.

I use the rainbow, in this piece, as a symbol to represent Birmingham for its diversity and multiculturalism.


Four identical maps are divided into three colours, scaled from large to small then laser cut. Beginning with the largest piece, on a paper base, each coloured layer is woven into the previous one, with each of the four maps rotated a quarter turn. Finally the edges of each map are hand pared to fade into the base.


Paper and card.

Papers Used

Colorplan Paper, 135gsm: Cool Grey, Smoke, Amethyst, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Emerald, Forest, Factory Yellow, Citrine, Mandarin, Bright Red and Claret.
Grey paper base, source unknown.


H: 594mm. W: 841mm.