Brummagem: Lost City Found: Parkside Gallery, BCU (Birmingham City University). September 18 to October 27 (extended to November 4), 2017. 

Bummagem: Lost City Found Selected pieces: Mary Ogilvie Gallery,  St Anne’s College, Oxford. November 14 to December 3, 2017. 

Savoy Buildings 1 & 2

These two pieces of work produced for the exhibition Brummagem Lost City Found were based on the buildings known as Savoy Buildings, Hill St, Birmingham. This building is home to the Grosvenor Casino, a nightclub and The Railway pub.

Inspired by the tiling and the shape of the windows I wanted to bring texture into these pieces. Into a laser cut framework, made from Colorplan Ebony 270gsm card, I wove strips of Colorplan Pristine White 135gsm paper to create a running bond brick pattern similar to that used on the front and sides of the Casino. The reverse of these strips had burnt in parts by the laser and I used these to create the effect of ageing in specific areas.

All work is for sale. Edition Sizes: 5, though each piece is made to order and as such unique.

For more information please contact the artist direct via the contact page.

Savoy Buildings 1.

Space and colour from the front of Savoy Buildings were the starting point for this piece which utilises a handmade copper paper bought in Prague. A contrasting bright blue, distressed paper is woven into the white strips along the top edge.

Medium: Paper and Card. Dimensions: H:367mm W:831mm.

The Creating of Savoy Buildings 1.

Savoy Buildings 2.

Shape and colour from the side of Savoy Buildings inspired this piece which incorporates vintage coloured glassine papers from Phillip & Tacey, a school supplier established 1829. The concept was to take a building that had seen better days and to use the many curiously shaped windows to create an elegant stained glass window. It is illuminated by a LED panel installed behind the image.

Medium: Paper and Card. Dimensions: H:831mm W:406mm.

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